J.S. Bach Sonata BWV 1001 + Partita BWV 1004

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The young Spanish lute virtuoso Miguel Rincón, who already worked with some of most prominent characters in the field of Early Music, presents for his solo debut album two of his own transcriptions of the works for violin solo by J.S. Bach. Such arrangements were quite common at Bachs time, and Bach himself was well-acquainted with the lute. Miguel Rincón explores the tonal and emotional potential of his instrument to its full extent. He creates a richness and complexity of sound that one is not familiar with from the original violin version. Here we are being introduced to a new, very personal and at the same time virtuosic and powerful Bach, ready for the stage, which in the final Chaconne reaches a fulminant point of culmination, offhandedly upstaging quite a few rock guitar heroes of the last decades.



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