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On their first CD, QUALIA presents a collection of polyphonic music from late medieval sources, especially from manuscripts around the year 1500. In a very short period of time around the turn of the 15th century, the European music culture changed from the ancient phytagoreic to meantone temperament and created some astounding, highly complex and intellectually as well as musically challenging works, taking inspiration from both old and modern musical influences. QUALIA lets the listener immerse into an almost alien musical world, into the deep roots and sources of being of European music history, which in today’s perception is almost lost completely.

Lambert Colson - Cornetto, recorders
Anna Danilevskaia - Viella
Christophe Deslignes - Organetto



Matteo Fiori Posted on Christian,Thanks for sharing this inetresting exchange! I agree with your objection of Weiss's definition of personal' on the grounds of being too technical;' this is precisely the difficulty in communicating about our experience using the abstraction that is language. It is why consciousness eludes explanation or even simple definition. We know what is personal' by feeling, and yet the qualia associated with these certain relationships also elude any analytical description. All this points to what I think you've been saying now for some time, alternatives to the rational/analytical knowledge game for coming to terms with some aspects of our existence. As for whether or not God is capable of having a personal relationship with us and vice versa (are we not part of God?), it seems to me a matter of our level of commitment with a) seeing divinity in the phenomenon we encounter;b) having a relationship with ourselves/others in a sacred way andc) recognizing that God may show care for us through phenomena such as beneficially synchronistic events, the gifts of intuition, fruitful dreaming, artistic inspiration, etc. Care is, like ordered complexity, intrinsic to the universe. It takes a special spark to actualize it moment to moment in each encounter (including with ourselves), but it is possible. I would contend that in some of our personal' relationships we will come to know and feel the care of God, and in others we will not.

Vincent - 2015-08-23 17:19:52


"BTW, there has been a lot of harum-scarum of late about inflation. Some say the CPI ostavertes inflation."This is OT. Out of courtesy to others you might considering staying on topic until at least 20 comments have been logged before you run off the rails.However, do as I say, not as I do.

Swetlana - 2015-08-23 15:27:17
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