About us

_LEI6561_smallCarpe Diem is the CD label of balance engineer and producer Jonas Niederstadt, who works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Carpe Diem operates apart from the mainstream, and in many ways, strikes out on new musical and aesthetic paths. Here, early music, jazz, and new music meet in new, sometimes unconventional ways. Many of our CDs present early music – but what is “early music” exactly, for us, living in the 21st century? What can be “authentic” to us, other than the moment and the world which we inhabit here and now? We excavate treasures from older times, but we are always conscious of our existence in the present. The sound of our recordings accompanies the music on its journey through reality – it interprets, supports, and contradicts – different for every listener, always new, time and time again.

Jonas Niederstadt, owner & director of Carpe Diem Records



Since the beginnings of the label in 2008 the photographer and webdesigner Leif Marcus has been responsible for the corporate and product design, the website and most of our photographic content.

Since 2009 C. & J. Wallbrecher are taking care of financial and administrational work as well as stock & shop sales.

Since 2014, the Berlin-based graphic design office TIM+TIM is creating and supervising corporate design and developing the cover design series.