Alina Rotaru

Froberger Suites & Toccatas - Alina Rotaru - Cover Froberger - Suites & Toccatas
Alina Rotaru, harpsichord: Baroque suites and toccatas by Johann-Jakob Froberger (1616-67 ) The harpsichordist Alina Rotaru plays selected works by Johann Jacob Froberger, one of the most enigmatic composers of 17th C. harpsichord music....
Fortune my foe - Sweelinck - Alina Rotaru - Cover Fortune my foe
Alina Rotaru, harpsichord: Dutch music for harpsichord by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1626) Alina Rotaru's debut solo recording with keyboard music of J. P. Sweelinck (1562 - 1626), a virtuosic as much as a personal approach to the...