Miguel Rincón

Bach BWV1001 BWV1004 - Miguel Rincon - Cover J.S. Bach Sonata BWV 1001 + Partita BWV 1004
Miguel Rincón, Baroque lute: Adaptations of original solo violin works by Johann Sebastian Bach The young Spanish lute virtuoso Miguel Rincón, who already worked with some of most prominent characters in the field of Early Music,...
Glosas - More Hispano - Raquel Andueza - cover GLOSAS
Ensemble More Hispano feat. Raquel Andueza: Improvisation and the art of embellishment Vicente Parrilla, together with his ensemble MORE HISPANO, explores the 16th Century art of musical ornamentation, diminution and improvisation. His...
Yr a oydo Yr a oydo
More Hispano feat. Raquel Andueza: Newly improvised Spanish Baroque chamber music Vicente Parrilla (recorder, direction), Raquel Andueza (soprano), Fahmi Alqhai (viola da Gamba), Jesús Fernández-Baena (Theorbo), Miguel Rincón (lute),...