Free Audiobook "Il Cembalo di Partenope"

In 2017, we released the solo harpsichord album "Il Cembalo di Partenope" by Catalina Vicens, featuring the oldest playable harpsichord in the world.

This magical instrument, supposedly made in Naples, Italy in 1525, inspired us not only to record this exceptional album of high quality Renaissance music, but also to actually tell an imaginary story of this very instrument. Catalina Vicens imagined, wrote and eventually spoke this story that became an addon to the actual CD project.

As I believe many of you have never heard of this audiobook story, we decided to offer it now for free to anyone who is in need of some more fairytales during these times of continued shutdown and staying at home ...

You can listen to the album and download it for free from our website:

The text of the story is printed in the booklet that comes included with the download.

I really hope you enjoy this little harpsichord fairytale!

With my best wishes

Jonas Niederstadt

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